A photo of young and smiling Arab businesswoman gesturing while giving presentation. Emirati business people are wearing traditional clothes of those and abaya. Multi-ethnic colleagues are listening to her very carefully. All are in brightly lit office.

Some 28,700 Emiratis have taken jobs at private companies since the launch of the Nafis employment programme, figures released this week show.

Private-sector companies sign GBC's SDG 5 pledge on 15 December 2022

Another 18 private-sector companies have signed the UAE Gender Balance Council's SDG 5 pledge to put women in 30% of senior roles by 2025.

Insights & opinion

Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Wikimedia/ Governor-General of New Zealand

Some of the comments the outgoing New Zealand prime minister has made that show she is an inclusive leader.

Illustration of person writing in a notebook, with a cup of coffee and smartphone in front of them. Picture Pixabay/ Mohamed Hassan

A board bio is a one-page summary that tells a story about you, writes Dr Rony Touma of executive and board search firm Spencer Stuart.

A refreshable Braille terminal attached to a laptop - Wikimedia

How to be mindful of how people of determination - disabled people - interact with you online, as consumers or employees.

Headshot of May Nasrallah, Founder and Executive Chairwoman of deNovo Partners, on Aurora50 template

May Nasrallah, Founder and Executive Chair of deNovo Partners, on allyship, career sponsors and good managers.

2022 hanging numbers -

Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde reflects on the year, from widening our remit to all DEI to COP 27 and the SDG 5 pledge.

Emirati women work on whiteboard at Aurora50's Pathway20 workshop, May 2022

A private-sector Emiratisation quota and a new family business law mean companies need to think 'glocal'.

Aurora50 in the media

Aurora50 in the media - AB Accounting & Business - November 2022 issue

Women leaders can be a big driver of change, says Accounting & Business (AB), reporting on ACCA’s Women in Finance event in Dubai.

Aurora50 in the media - Khaleej Times - 13/12/22

There’s a business case for more female representation on corporate boards, panellists said at the Khaleej Times' Middle East Women Board of Directors Forum.

Aurora50 In the media - screenshot of Bahrain This Month (December 2022 issue) - Bahraini Women's Day feature with Diana Wilde comment

Aurora50’s Diana Wilde commented in a feature in Bahrain This Month for Bahraini Women’s Day, looking at achievements for women at work in Bahrain.

Aurora50 in the media - Dubai Eye 103.8's Business Breakfast

Diana Wilde tells the Business Breakfast that some 59% of listed UAE companies now have a woman on board, showing that the quota is "working well".

Aurora50's press releases

A50 press release template - newspapers image

Research undertaken reveals that 6.7% of board seats in the UAE are now held by women, up from 3.5% in 2020. The first-of-its-kind report, sponsored by ADNOC, highlights key strategies for aspiring women to reach independent board positions in just a decade, curated from research with current regional women board directors.

Emirati woman works at computer - with GWU and Aurora50 logos overlaid

Aurora50 and General Women's Union (GWU) sign agreement to help build pipeline of women leaders for UAE boards.

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