Aurora50 creates inclusive, thriving GCC workplaces by providing DEI solutions for future-forward businesses and leaders, such as:

Aurora50 also helps organisations with their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) ratings, in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, particularly SDG 5 – gender equality.

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Aurora50's clients

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Aurora50's partners

What is DEI?

Diversity: Who do we represent in our workforce?

Equity: What support and opportunities do individuals need to grow?

Inclusion: How do you foster a culture where everyone feels heard, and comfortable to speak?

DEI focus illustration, table with two rows using icons: Main focus - Gender; Other focus areas: Emiratisation; nationalities; age; and people of determination.

Aurora50's DEI strategies

Every organisation has a unique pain point. 

Aurora50 builds DEI strategies customised to tackle unique challenges, through different DEI lenses and in line with the organisation’s business goals.

Our first, successful initiative was to increase the number of women on boards through the Pathway20 accelerator.

Challenge the status quo at MENA region’s largest cross-industry DEI event: an assembly of hundreds of chairs, board members and C-suite executives.

It can get lonely at the top. NOORA offers its corporate members a real-world community of like-minded and ambitious executive women, who are on their wavelength and their level.

Learn how to navigate your way to the top and get insights on how to champion DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in your organisation.