Table Talks

For inclusive leaders and DEI advocates

Unlock the power of candid conversations and activate your DEI strategies through our curated group conversations.

  • Encourage diverse perspectives and champion diversity of thought: Allow everyone to feel heard by following a structured conversation guide. Allow equal time for every participant to share.
  • Build trust: Engage employees and encourage them to build trust and develop meaningful connections. Activate the entire organisation’s collective intelligence.
  • Create inclusive leaders and environments: Create spaces online and in-person for employees, partners and customers to talk about important topics.
Illustration of an inclusive work meeting with nine people, one of whom is in a wheelchair

What's included?

A customisable ‘run of show’ for the topic you've selected, leveraging Aurora50’s expertise in DEI and local knowledge.

A presentation deck with questions for the topic.

A pre-recorded video of the Aurora50 host to be shared on screen (currently provided in person).

One 30-minute prep meeting to review the ‘run of show’ and next steps.

Optional - live, in-person host for additional charge (subject to availability).

Promotional case study on Aurora50 website for activations across the company.

Choice of date and time for your 90-minute Table Talk.

A customisable event registration page to track invites and registered guests.

Automated reminders and post-conversation survey and actions.

Example topics

INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP: A conversation about inclusive leadership and retaining, empowering talent and teams to bring their A-game. ‬

UNCONSCIOUS BIAS: A conversation about unconscious bias, how it impacts our workplaces and how we can counteract biases.‬

ALLYSHIP: What is allyship and why are allies so important when creating an inclusive culture? How can we empower allies? ‬

COVID AND COMMUNITY: A conversation about how Covid has changed our work culture.

CLIMATE CHANGE & COP27/ COP28: A conversation about climate change and how we can come together to solve the most significant challenge of our time.‬

SAFE SPACES AND TEAM TRUST: A conversation about psychological safety in the workplace, and how we can build trust.‬

Learn how to navigate your way to the top and get insights on how to champion DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in your organisation.