Private-sector companies sign GBC's SDG 5 pledge on 15 December 2022

Another 18 private-sector companies have signed the UAE Gender Balance Council's SDG 5 pledge to put women in 30% of senior roles by 2025.

15 American companies sign GBC's SDG 5 pledge in November - image courtesy Dubai Media Office

Fifteen American companies operating in the UAE have pledged to put women in 30 percent of their local leadership positions by 2025.

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Headshot of May Nasrallah, Founder and Executive Chairwoman of deNovo Partners, on Aurora50 template

May Nasrallah, Founder and Executive Chair of deNovo Partners, on allyship, career sponsors and good managers.

2022 hanging numbers -

Aurora50 co-founder Diana Wilde reflects on the year, from widening our remit to all DEI to COP 27 and the SDG 5 pledge.

Emirati women work on whiteboard at Aurora50's Pathway20 workshop, May 2022

A private-sector Emiratisation quota and a new family business law mean companies need to think 'glocal'.

Illustration of Arab woman and Bahraini flag - text Happy Bahraini Women's Day 2022

Statistics about women at work in Bahrain to celebrate Bahraini Women's Day.

[A50 template] Fatima Al Hammadi, COO of KIZAD (AD Ports Group)

The COO of AD Ports Group's Kezad on a busy two years in which she took on her new job and a trustee board seat.

UAE's Jebel Hafeet winding mountain road - Wikimedia

If you're starting to put together your business DEI plan, you need to set a baseline first, says Diana Wilde.

Aurora50 glossary

Aurora50's guide to terms and acronyms used in the world of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and boardroom, from DEIA to NED.

Mountaineers in silhouette hold hands at sunset - Wikimedia - Damian Gadal

Becoming an ally to women and other marginalised colleagues - your individual role in workplace diversity and inclusion.

Aurora50 in the media

Aurora50 In the media - screenshot of Bahrain This Month (December 2022 issue) - Bahraini Women's Day feature with Diana Wilde comment

Aurora50’s Diana Wilde commented in a feature in Bahrain This Month for Bahraini Women’s Day, looking at achievements for women at work in Bahrain.

Aurora50 in the media - Dubai Eye 103.8's Business Breakfast

Diana Wilde tells the Business Breakfast that some 59% of listed UAE companies now have a woman on board, showing that the quota is "working well".

Aurora50 in the media - Dubai One, 20/06/22

Diana Wilde, co-founder of Aurora50, talks to Business Breakfast's Richard Dean, as seen on Dubai One, about the number of women in UAE boardrooms doubling and the issue of 'over-boarding'.

Aurora50 in the media - Gulf Business

The UAE’s continued efforts to improve gender diversity in the boardroom have led to more women holding board positions this year (8.9 per cent), up from 3.5 per cent in 2020, according to research undertaken by Aurora50 and Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, writes Gulf Business.

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“Nothing makes me happier than seeing Emirati women take their role and assume their rightful place in society” These words of the …

A50 press release template - newspapers image

19 listed corporations appoint women board members.

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