Diana Wilde

A business and finance graduate from the University of Westminster, Diana Wilde is a business leader with 20+ years of experience across strategy and business development. She is also adept at business networking and relationship building, and thrives on continuous learning.

Diana has always been passionate about making a difference and building communities, particularly in the area of diversity and inclusion.

In 2015, while as a consultant for Association of Corporate Treasures (ACT), Diana worked with the Etihad treasury team and enabled Etihad to become the first corporate organisation, globally, to sit the new ACT exams.

While still with ACTME, Diana organised the first ‘ACTME Women in Finance Workshop’ in 2016 with guest speaker Lord Davies of Abersoch, CBE. Organised as a two-part practical workshop, the event provided the women with new tools and advice to sustain the positive impact that they have in the workplace.

Enthused by the success and positive energy from this workshop, Diana continued to run several additional ‘Women in Finance’ events for ACT. In 2016, she was introduced to Sheikha Shamma’s MorEquity endeavour, which she began to volunteer with later that year.

 In 2018, Diana began a new chapter of her professional career with Fortune500 company – Archer Daniels Midland. Despite building a sizeable portfolio and exceeding her targets, Diana wanted the opportunity to have a positive impact on society. Working in the industry, Diana saw first-hand the limited numbers of women in senior leadership roles, especially in the banking sector.

The following year, Diana completed the Advanced Design Thinking programme by IDEO and facilitated a workshop for MorEquity. The energy on the day was a reminder to both ladies of the powerful impact of co-creating ideas, and served as a catalyst for establishing Aurora50.

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