Ms. Maha Muraish,

Senior Vice President / Transformation – B2B & Etisalat Digital, Etisalat

Current Role & About Transformation 

Maha Muraish is the Senior Vice President of a massive and mission-critical  Transformation program of B2B and Etisalat Digital workstream with the objectives  to fast track migrating Enterprises (private and public) and SMB from legacy  services and connectivity to cloud platforms and managed services while ensuring  the growth of Etisalat Digital organically through international expansion and  inorganically via merger and accusations.  

Area of Experience 

Maha has over twenty years of telecom experience, with extensive expertise in  big data/data, ML and AI combined with strong experience digital business  covering: digital platforms, digital media, digital entertainment and much  more. 

Prior Experience 

Maha has worked in Etisalat UAE very extensively however; she has worked  internationally within Etisalat footprint like KSA, Egypt and Nigeria in Digital  Marketing, Future Communication and Digital Entertainment. 

Educational Background 

She holds a MMSC in AI from Colombia university alongside with BSC in Computer  science and Math Major from the US. Maha is currently in the process of  finalizing her Executive Leadership Program with Cornell University.  

Maha is also: 

  1. Certified Data Scientist from Hopkins University 
  2. Management Executive Education on Artificial Intelligence for Business from MIT 
  3. Certified as GDPR Data Protection officer.

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