AIM - Accelerator for Internal Management

"It gave us a renewed perspective to our company’s vision along with an actionable plan to align ourselves with it." Participant testimonial


AIM is the region’s only ‘in-house’ leadership accelerator, driven by design thinking principles. Design thinking has long been utilised to support innovation as a remedy for stagnation. When applied to women’s careers, participants are unlocked from their former beliefs, encouraged to be curious and enabled to take action, accelerating their way to the top.

AIM is fully customised to an organisation’s internal strategy, so you can create a strong pipeline of high-potential women leaders who align their career growth to your goals.

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"What was eye-opening was the stakeholders that I missed and not realising their importance." Participant testimonial

Why AIM?

Companies with women leaders continually outperform those dominated by men, according to research undertaken by McKinsey. Enabling women to overcome systemic barriers and creating an internal women leadership pipeline leads to higher revenue growth; up to 61 percent for companies that prioritise the advancement of women, as per research conducted by IBM in 2021.

AIM allows your organisation to equip women with critical skills; create a culture and environment of inclusion, support and mentorship; mitigate leaky pipelines; and improve your revenue, growth and ESG ratings.

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Is AIM for you?

Is your organisation keen on accelerating the careers of women in middle and senior management roles, to create a strong pipeline of women leaders?
If yes, click here to reach out to us today.

Benefits for your organisation

Activate your DEI goals by fostering inclusive leadership through the creation of a sustainable pipeline of competent women.

Unlock the talent of high-potential women who contribute to your organisation’s growth plans with a highly customised career development framework.

Benefits for participants

Develop a growth mindset to take accountability for your career development goals, prompted by insights into opportunities for growth and change.

Enable continued and intentional behavioural change through our learning cycle, which employs the five stages of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioural Change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.

Nurture leadership competencies through the application of knowledge acquired and by building social capital.

Why partner with Aurora50?

Localised knowledge: We work extensively across the region, to throw light on and address the regional challenges that organisations and specifically women, face in accelerating their careers. The delivery of AIM is led by industry experts and coaches who share critical insights into navigating these challenges and succeeding in the region.

Network access: Our resource pool is highly unique, being driven by robust networks enabling direct access to the most senior leaders across industries in the region, championing inclusive leadership. We enable organisations and participants to gain direct value from their experience.

Championing diversity: Through the impact of our initiatives like Pathway20 and AIM, Aurora50 is well-positioned to mitigate challenges, enhance capabilities and accelerate the career growth of women across all levels in the organisation.

CPD accredited

Aurora50 is a member of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Continuing professional development shows a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning.

You can be credited for a minimum of 36 CPD points (hours) for completing AIM.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required CPD standards and benchmarks, and has been scrutinised rigorously to ensure integrity and quality.

Aurora50 has been a member of the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) since May 2022.

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Accelerate high-performing women, build your women leadership pipeline and align your workforce with company growth, through a tailor-made and measurable leadership development programme

Learn how to navigate your way to the top and get insights on how to champion DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in your organisation.