Aalam Games: Diversity matters!

A game to learn the business case of inclusion

Diverse and inclusive organisations have been proven time and time again to outperform their peers.

Raise awareness with your managers of the business case for diversity and inclusion to build buy-in.

A50 Aalam Games Diversity Matters game

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Executive leadership

Managers of managers

First-time managers

The business case for DEI

The Diversity Matters! game enables leaders to explore the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion.

The game takes approximately 45-90 minutes to complete and is managed by an Aurora50 facilitator, who is highly skilled and experienced in diversity and inclusion to facilitate the activity on your behalf.

A50 Aalam Games cards

What's included

Brief introductory session on the importance of inclusion

DEI-trained Aurora50 game-master

Complete instructions and manual

Game board

Eight cards each for: draw the bias, reflect, trivia, chance

Game pawns

The unconscious bias puzzle

The unconscious bias puzzle

Create awareness about different biases that exist involuntarily, and discuss in a team-building activity.

Create awareness

Discuss biases among groups and individuals

Create safe spaces for conversations

Objective: Tackle unconscious bias that are held subconsciously, affecting the way individuals think and feel about other around them.

The puzzle asks each team to match the 16 terms to their definition and image. The fastest team to complete wins.

A handbook will also encourage discussion points on each bias for the groups to pause, reflect and share their experiences.

What’s included:

  • Complete instructions
  • Puzzle pieces

Creating inclusive environments: the importance of play

Play for adults is critical for wellbeing, particularly in high-pressure roles.

Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality and stimulate creativity. Studies show that play improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. It can also keep us feeling young and energetic.

When we are engaged, we are more likely to learn something new.

Low-frequency activities, such as lectures, are less likely to form new connections within the brain. High-frequency activities, such as games, increase the likelihood of strong synaptic connections being formed in the brain. Basically, lots of stimuli and lots of engagement means a greater chance of learning something new.

Transparent communication engenders trust

Communication is always key in any transformation. All our games provide an opportunity for teams to communicate openly on the subject the game addresses. This provides an opportunity for teams to build trust to take the discussion further, and for individuals to reflect on their own beliefs and behaviours.

Learn how to navigate your way to the top and get insights on how to champion DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in your organisation.